How To Track OKRs

Now that you've learned How To Set OKRs, we can move on to how we track OKRs on a weekly basis.

95% of the literature out there on OKRs focuses only on setting OKRs, but tracking them is equally important, to ensure progress.

Schedule 5 Mins For Weekly Check-ins

The ideal time to check in on your OKRs is either Sunday evening or Monday morning. If you've signed up to our OKRs app, we'll send you a weekly reminder to do this.

Not matter how busy you are, you should always have 5 minutes to spare on this - there's simply no excuse to not do it.

So what exactly do you do in your weekly OKR review? Simple: just add what you've done this week on each of your key results. This is what you do in the dashboard of OKRs app: you add a value (a number) to indicate your weekly progress, and optionally a comment. If you've not made any progress, just leave it empty and make a note to yourself to focus more on this key result for the coming week.

Our preference is to phrase key results such that they are incremental. For example, it's better to have a key result which says "1,000 new Instagram followers" rather than "10,000 Instagram followers". The difference is that the former focuses only on what you are adding this quarter. Having said that, you can do either in OKRs app - just click the settings button under "Set OKRs" and change to "Total Progress" if you prefer the latter.

Are You Pacing Yourself?

You should know if you are on track. If you use OKRs app, we show you a progress bar for each key result. When you hover over this progress bar, you'll see if you are on track compared to how far we are into the quarter. This will help you know if you should speed up your pace.

Ideally you'll manage to check in on your OKRs every week, but if you miss a week or two - just update it back in time when you can.

At the end of the quarter, you'll be able to use your check-ins to review your overall progress. Next we'll see exactly How To Review OKRs.