Personal OKRs

OKRs originated in the context of organizations. But there's no reason why you can't use them for your personal goals as well. In fact, it's quite common for organizations to have hierarchical OKRs such that company OKRs are linked to team/division OKRs, which in turn are rooted in personal OKRs by employees.

Why Personal OKRs?

You might ask: why should I bother with setting personal OKRs? The simplest way to answer this might be to ask another question: why do people set New Year's resolutions?

Humans strive for progress. We always want to become better versions of ourselves. The problem is that very few of us have a good framework for setting goals. New Year's resolutions are certainly not a good framework! We only have to consider the annual failures of people setting unclear goals over too long a time period to realize that.

Instead, adopting the simple framework of OKRs and taking goals one quarter at a time will give much better results. We encourage you to try this out for one single quarter, and see what results you get. You can sign up for free to our [OKRs app] today.

Getting A Buddy

One challenge with personal OKRs is that they are indeed personal - you are the only one accountable for them. Because of this, it might be a good idea to involve one or more "buddies" to help you reach your goals. With OKRs app you can invite a buddy who can see your progress.

Similar to how it helps to have a "workout buddy", having an "OKR buddy" adds social accountability to your goals. You'll feel even stronger about making the effort. Note that your buddy doesn't need to know anything about OKRs - it'll be clear to them what you are trying to achieve. Just invite them and see your progress improve!